How to install openvpn client on ubuntu 12.04

how to install openvpn client on ubuntu 12.04

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How to install OpenVpn Server in 2 minutes Ubuntu ,Centos , Debian Linux.
This article will guide you in a basic OpenVPN installation on an Ubuntu server running or using a TUN device. The TUN solution is utilizes a. On Ubuntu any VPN configuration you place in a file named /etc/openvpn/$ will be automatically started. To use the Ubuntu as OpenVPN client, install these packages: sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn.
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In this example we use client1 for the file name. When your system boots, dnsmasq will try to start before the OpenVPN tun device has been enabled. OpenVPN, or Open Virtual Private Network, is a tool for creating networking tunnels between and among groups of computers that are not on the same local network.